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The game development was going full steam today, I've finished my 6 add-ons and the whole power system that activates them. Also, there's a new unit, so I'm now at 6 different units, and I must reach (at least I'll try) 10 different types, so I'm back on my sketchbook, trying to find new units. There were a lot of minor glitches that are now fixed and I've also been working on a system of wave that is almost done now, just need some minor adjustments. Considering the work done today, the date of my beta release is near, but still can't tell a precise date.

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The game development is going really slow since last night, I was experiencing some trouble with the frame rate, it was dropping and dropping. I've integrated only few add-ons today, the progress was delayed by the whole fps thing, but I've managed to make it faster using bitmap chaching and by removing some glowy and blurry effects that drains a lot of juice. Now the game is running faster than ever and I'll be working on more stuff in the order to release a beta in the next few days. I don't want to throw a date now because there's a lot to do and I'm not sure of how much time it'll take and how much free time I'll have to work on it... And for sure, you can always send suggestions, it's never too late to do some adjustments.

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Art Contest Prizes [ Problem Solved ]

2008-05-13 17:08:34 by PvtAntoine

When coming back from school today, I finally saw my winner's package from Newgrounds ! Yeah ! but wait a minute, it only contains a Pico shirt and few stickers thought... where are all the other things promised ?

Newgrounds Prize Pack contains these:
Tankmen Figurine, Penicorn plush doll, Domokun plush doll, Pickleman signed comic book
Pico day shirt, Minushi DVD, Pico and friends stickers, i-mockery stickers, Sick Animation stickers & pins, Newgrounds stickers, BoMToons shirt(not pictured) and an Angry Faic pendant

I am supposed to receive many other packs from different places ? We'll see ! Anyway, I'm still glad to have at least a Pico shirt a few other stickers from Newgrounds, I won the contest, it's the essential.

Art Contest Prizes [ Problem Solved ]

Pico Art Contest Winners !

2008-05-04 18:58:26 by PvtAntoine

Luis has finally posted the results of the Pico Day Art Contest ! Congratulations to all winners and I'm glad to see that my interpretation of "Dad" impressed you. Thanks to all of you, and take a look at all the redesigns, honorable mentions, and the four winners.

To see the Art Contest Winner's Page, Click here.

Pico Art Contest Winners !

My entries for Pico Day 2008 Art Contest

2008-04-28 20:08:20 by PvtAntoine

Take a look at my works for Pico day art contest, and leave me all your comments, I want to hear every single one ! Your opinions are really important to my eyes.

Here is the link to the thread 6367/8

Here are my entries
Dad ***Winner