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Art Contest Prizes [ Problem Solved ]

2008-05-13 17:08:34 by PvtAntoine

When coming back from school today, I finally saw my winner's package from Newgrounds ! Yeah ! but wait a minute, it only contains a Pico shirt and few stickers thought... where are all the other things promised ?

Newgrounds Prize Pack contains these:
Tankmen Figurine, Penicorn plush doll, Domokun plush doll, Pickleman signed comic book
Pico day shirt, Minushi DVD, Pico and friends stickers, i-mockery stickers, Sick Animation stickers & pins, Newgrounds stickers, BoMToons shirt(not pictured) and an Angry Faic pendant

I am supposed to receive many other packs from different places ? We'll see ! Anyway, I'm still glad to have at least a Pico shirt a few other stickers from Newgrounds, I won the contest, it's the essential.

Art Contest Prizes [ Problem Solved ]


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2008-05-13 17:12:41

Cool! I hope you get your other loot as well.

PvtAntoine responds:

I don't actually KNOW if there is something else crossing the United-States to finally end up in my house... Let's hope !


2008-05-13 17:52:08

Yeah I think BoMToons is in Italy right now so he's supposed to send over his shirt to you depending on what size you requested. Tom and his crew shoulda sent you a Pico shirt and I was responsible for those toys and other stuffs.

PvtAntoine responds:

Thank you Luis for teling me.