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Pico Art Contest Winners !

2008-05-04 18:58:26 by PvtAntoine

Luis has finally posted the results of the Pico Day Art Contest ! Congratulations to all winners and I'm glad to see that my interpretation of "Dad" impressed you. Thanks to all of you, and take a look at all the redesigns, honorable mentions, and the four winners.

To see the Art Contest Winner's Page, Click here.

Pico Art Contest Winners !


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2008-05-05 06:13:25

droga meu desenho nem aparece na lista :<


2008-05-06 00:27:49

Congrats, dude!
I really liked your piece!

PvtAntoine responds:

Thank you, I appreciate, really.


2008-05-11 07:08:09

dude you did a Bl**dy awesome piece