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My entries for Pico Day 2008 Art Contest

2008-04-28 20:08:20 by PvtAntoine

Take a look at my works for Pico day art contest, and leave me all your comments, I want to hear every single one ! Your opinions are really important to my eyes.

Here is the link to the thread 6367/8

Here are my entries
Dad ***Winner


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2008-04-28 20:24:30

Those are pretty awesome! Good luck, you have some major competition. ^_^

PvtAntoine responds:

Thanks a lot for posting a comment, I appreciate ! I hope too win the contest, things are lookin' good for me I think...


2008-04-28 23:25:06

hte dad & me one is amazing! your others are good too

PvtAntoine responds:

Thanks, took a while to make it look really evil, ended up with a cool final work.


2008-04-29 06:18:08

DAD is Awesome!!

PvtAntoine responds:

Ahah! thanks a lot, I think he looks more insane like this


2008-04-30 00:49:29

What do you guys do to be so great?!?! and why do i have to suck at everything?!?!

PvtAntoine responds:

In one word, PRACTICE !! It comes with the experience, draw a lot and you'll be much better. A tablet would help a lot too, but "DAD" was made with a mouse, no need to spend money to be good.